Wheel Alignments

Whether you’ve got a Tesla Model S or a Toyota Corolla, properly aligned wheels are essential to maximize efficiency, steering feedback, and tire longevity. Simply replacing tires when they’re worn will not solve the problem. Instead, invest in routine wheel alignments. It can save you big bucks down the road.

Precision wheel alignments for optimum tire longevity and reliability

When you choose Rick’s Performance, our ASE-Certified Technicians will take the time to thoroughly inspect your tires and suspension components, and then inform you of the causes of misalignment, and the proper course of action.

We’ve invested in the latest wheel alignment systems that allow us to precisely dial in the correct camber, caster, and toe, according to the factory specifications of the most modern vehicles today. Whether you have a luxury sedan or a sports coupe with modified suspension, we will make sure that your vehicle is perfectly aligned to maximize tire life and road safety.

We perform wheel alignments for unmodified and modified vehicles:

  • Stock vehicles

All wheel alignments include:

  • ASE-Certified & Factory Trained Technicians
  • Vehicle test drive after wheel alignment
  • Printed results of wheel alignment

For expertise, value and a great experience for your wheel alignments in Pleasanton, choose Rick’s Performance.

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