Rick of Rick’s Performance and the Plugless Team Get Ready for the Install

The Bay Area Plugless team swung by Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA, on Monday to deliver a brand new Plugless for the Model S autonomous charging system to Rick Soderberg. Rick owns a Model S and is the owner of the high-end auto shop where the unit was installed.

Rick shows off the ultra-thin receiving coil that will allow his Tesla to receive wireless charging.

Installing the Wireless Charging Adapter Under Model S’ Front Shielding

The vehicle adapter is installed underneath the shielding under the front end of the Model S.

Wireless Charging Adapter for Model S Completely Disappears After Installation

Wireless charging adapter for Model S is totally invisible after installation. The “brains” of the operation also installs seamlessly in the interior of the car.

Unpacking The Wall Unit, or “Control Panel” For Hands-Free Tesla Charging

Rick unpacks his control panel – the unit that will light up to guide him to park over the Parking Pad that sends a charge wirelessly.

The Control Panel Hangs on the Wall & Connects to a 240V Outlet

This is the same type of outlet as the one used by an electric dryer.

Control panel installation is as simple as hanging it on the wall and connecting to a 240V, or “Level 2” outlet.

The Parking Pad Sends a Charge to the Model S Over the Air

The Plugless Parking Pad will be placed at the Model S’ normal parking space to charge the car automatically when parked.

Rick’s Tesla Model S Can Now Charge Itself

Rick uses the Tesla as a customer shuttle at the shop and loves the idea of his Plugless Tesla being part of customers’ experience.

Tesla Model S charges itself with Plugless.


Watch the Video of Rick’s First Hands-Free Charge

See video of the Tesla charging port indicating a charge in progress with no cord connected as well as video of Rick driving the his self-charging Tesla over the parking pad for wireless charging.