Suspension Repair in Pleasanton, CA

Your vehicle’s suspension provides you with a smooth ride on even the roughest roads of Pleasanton and Alameda County. It absorbs all bumps and uneven surfaces while contributing to your overall driving performance. If your suspension develops problems, you will hear clunks and rattles, those bumps will feel much bigger, and your vehicle is likely to bounce and sway. When this starts to happen, it’s time to have your suspension inspected by the suspension repair experts at Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA.

Why Choose Rick’s Performance for Suspension Repair?


The ASE-Certified technicians at Rick’s Performance know the ins and outs of shock and strut replacement, coil spring replacement and much more, and they will deliver what you need in every case. They have the knowledge and experience in all aspects of vehicle suspension systems. The result is reliable, long-lasting suspension repair to keep you driving smoothly.


  • Strut replacement
  • Shock replacement
  • Leaf spring repair and replacement
  • Coil spring replacement
  • Sway bar link replacement
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Wheel alignment services


It’s important to maintain your suspension system in proper working order for vehicle safety and driving satisfaction, and this means knowing precisely what’s wrong. Our team will perform a visual and mechanical inspection of your suspension, including your wheels, tires and steering. All of these systems work together, and what you think is a suspension problem could in fact be an issue with your tires. We will work to diagnose your suspension repair needs correctly the first time.
Here at Rick’s Performance, honesty is our priority and we’re proud to be trusted throughout Pleasanton and beyond. We are always upfront with our customers and will recommend the correct suspension repairs to save you time and money.

For expertise, value and an overall great experience in suspension repairs, choose Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA.

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