Professional Radiator, Thermostat and Heater Repairs in Pleasanton, CA

Your vehicle’s engine generates extreme heat, and coolant is circulated to maintain safe engine temperature and prevent it from overheating and from freezing. If your dashboard gauge shows the engine running hot, or if you see steam coming from under the hood, you might very well need a radiator repair or replacement. At Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA, our trained specialists know how to accurately address this matter on a wide range of makes. A radiator, cooling system, thermostat, or heating system issue might occur at any time, and our full-service facility is equipped to handle your cooling and heating system needs and keep you moving.

Radiator Repairs by Reliable Hands

A damaged, leaking or restricted radiator must be repaired as soon as possible before an overheated engine leads to costly damage. A blown head gasket is common, which can typically be avoided with proper repairs. It’s important to know in advance where to turn when your radiator requires attention, and we’re proud to say there’s no cooling system problem we can’t handle at Rick’s Performance. Here in Alameda County, you can rely on our certified technicians. We’ve been in business since 1987, delivering quality services to drivers not only in Pleasanton but across the county.

Peace of Mind in Cooling and Heating System Repair at Rick’s Performance

You can rest easy when you trust Rick’s Performance with any cooling or heating system repairs. Our technicians are armed with the skills and expertise to address the exact solution you require, based on the results of our thorough inspection of your hoses, water pump, and every other related item. On a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, or Volvo alike, our team will work on your radiator to the highest standards of precision and accuracy. Along with this, Rick’s Performance uses OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts in every radiator repair or replacement job. Finally, for your peace of mind, we back all our radiator work with a 2-year/24000-mile warranty.

For reliable radiator, thermostat, cooling system or, heating system repair or replacement, visit Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA. Call us today or use our convenient online form to book your visit.


Radiator Repair
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