Brake Repair in Pleasanton, CA

Brake Repair in Pleasanton, CA

Brake Repair in Pleasanton, CA

Safely stopping your vehicle in any situation is crucial to the safety of not just yourself but everyone around you. Keeping your brakes in proper working order should be a high priority. If you experience anything with your brakes that doesn’t feel right, or if they’re operating differently than usual, it’s time to have your brakes inspected by the brake repair experts at Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA.

Why Choose Rick’s Performance for Brake Repair?

Dependable Brake Repairs by Experts

Whether you need ABS diagnostics, brake pad replacement or new rotors, the ASE-Certified technicians at Rick’s Performance will deliver what you need. They have the knowledge and experience in all aspects of vehicle braking systems, on domestic and foreign vehicles alike. The result is reliable, long-lasting brake repair to keep you driving safely.

Brake Repairs at Rick’s Performance

  • Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Rotor Replacement
  • ABS System Service and Repair
  • Drum and Disc Brakes
  • Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair
  • Brake Line and Hose Replacement
  • Performance & Aftermarket Brakes

Trusted Throughout Pleasanton and Beyond

Your braking system is comprised of electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components that all work together. We will perform a complete brake inspection to correctly diagnose your specific brake repair needs. Some shops will quickly recommend new rotors when your existing ones could be resurfaced. You might be told you need an ABS module replacement when a wheel speed sensor will fix the problem. Here at Rick’s Performance, honesty is our priority and we’re proud to be trusted throughout Pleasanton and beyond. We are always upfront with our customers and will recommend the correct brake repairs to save you time and money.

Our Customers Come First

We’ll work to make the brake repair process as smooth as possible by providing you with:

  • Free Wi-Fi to stay connected
  • Fresh coffee & snacks in our customer lounge
  • Rick’s Performance monthly online specials

For expertise, value and an overall great experience in brake repairs, choose Rick’s Performance in Pleasanton, CA.

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